Fowl Play

September 30 2009, 10:49am

There’s the latest addition to the Carlton Hobbs team–a recently rescued chicken! Over the weekend, while driving past Pelham Bay Park, our managing director spotted an injured cormorant. She calmed the sea bird down with gentle whistling, while awaiting the rescue team from the Parks Department.  Who would have expected the whistling would also have tempted a small chicken to come out of the woodwork? While the rangers were unsuccessful at rescuing the cormorant, they did capture the chicken, assuring us that it could be adopted. To our horror, however, the chicken was taken to a NYC kill shelter, who refused to let it go! But higher levels at the ACC were kind and helpful – after a couple of tense days and help from our bird-minded friends, the chicken was released to us. Candis-Marie, as she is now called, is being checked out by Rita McMahon of the Wild Bird Fund, who has already selected a sanctuary upstate for the bird. In the meantime, the rescue efforts for the cormorant continue, with goggles, gloves, nets and kayaks at the ready! We’d be grateful to hear from anyone who could help with the rescue of this bird. Keep your fingers crossed.