Wine Cooler. English. Circa 1790 and 1810.

September 25 2009, 12:45pm

WINE COOLER INCORPORATING A BRONZE BAS-RELIEF DEPICTING MARINE VENUSATTRIBUTED TO JOHN DEARE English. The Bas-Relief, 1790. The Wine Cooler, Circa 1810. Provenance: The bronze relief probably that commissioned in 1790 in Rome by Edward Poore (1743-1803) Sold as part of Poore’s collection on 20 April, 1805, Mr. Richardson, The Strand, London The wine cooler mounted with the bronze relief formerly in the collection of Sir John Bright, and thence by descent to the previous owner. Front view of the wine cooler Side view of the wine cooler Measurements: Hight: 25″ (63.5 cm); Width: 41″ (104 cm); Depth: 19 1/4″ (49 cm).