Second Floor Terrace At Carlton Hobbs

September 25 2015, 4:24pm

On the second floor of our building at 60 East 93rd Street, up the grand spiral staircase and past the entrance to the North Gallery is a set of French doors. For years, they remained  largely unopened, partially covered by a wall mirror. However, beginning last fall, we began renovations on what is just outside these doors- an intimate garden terrace, original to our building.

The terrace, modest in size, provides a lovely escape to the outdoors, both in daytime and at night. Custom plant have been built to line the perimeter, and are now filled with leafy hostas and rhododendron bushes for Autumn.

The centerpiece of the terrace is a small fountain. Unlike the scallop-form fountain found one story below in the main garden, the second floor fountain contains a charming cherub head. Work still needs to be done to make the fountain fully functional, but for now, it serves as a bath for the many birds which visit our building.