The 2015 Wild Bird Fund Flocktail Party at Carlton Hobbs

April 24 2015, 3:42pm

A stunning cake by Elizabeth Hodes for the Wild Bird Fund fundraiser. On Wednesday night, we were delighted to once again host the annual Flocktail party, the Wild Bird Fund’s largest fundraiser of the year. Proceeds raised at the gala will help supply the vital resources needed by the Wild Bird Fund, New York City’s sole wildlife rehabilitation center. Founded in 2012 by Rita McMahon, the WBF helps treat and rehabilitate the many diverse¬† and magnificent creatures of our city. D’zul Dance company dazzled guests with lively performances throughout the evening on the main floor of 60 East 93rd Street, and upstairs,¬† guests participated in an auction to help raise funds for the WBF. Jane Velez Mitchell, award winning television journalist and animal activist, served as the auctioneer. Some special winged guests made an appearance, including Ruby, a red tailed hawk, and a white duck who has been rehabilitating at the WBF and is almost ready for his release back into the wild.¬† Rescued turtles, tortoises and snakes were also present at the party. Here are some photos from the gala! Dancing in the main crossing at Carlton Hobbs. Ruby, a red tailed hawk, whose eye injury would make it impossible for her to survive in the wild, was rescued by the Tenafly Nature Center. Guests view items available for auction, with all proceeds going to the Wild Bird Fund. Two WBF rescues, a baby chicken and brown duck, at Carlton Hobbs. The WBF auction. A rescued turtle enjoying the party with his favorite snack in the Marble Room at Carlton Hobbs. If you would like to learn more about the Wild Bird Fund and the crucial work they do for the animals of New York City, please visit