Our Newest Acquisition Only Lasted ‘Til Dessert

September 24 2014, 1:30pm

    A Rare Confectioner’s Scale Model of the Parthenon Temple at the Acropolis, Athens New York City. September 23rd, 2014. Of flour, egg, sugar, butter, vanilla extract, white chocolate, baking powder, salt and almond paste. The three-stepped stylobate, or floor of the temple, formed of layers of vanilla cake profusely inlaid with chocolate filling, and covered with marzipan fondant incised to resemble brick. Broken bits of white chocolate are scattered around the floor along with a large marzipan fondant ruin, possibly simulating the interior chamber, dedicated to Athena, for whom the temple was built. (The word Parthenon translates to “Virgin’s Chamber.”) A Doric colonnade of eight columns on the east and west ends and seventeen on the north and south sides runs along the perimeter of the structure, and crumbles in the center of the south side, the columns made of distressed plastic in an identical ivory color. The columns supporting an entablature of vanilla cake covered in marzipan fondant, incised to the interior to resemble brick, and encrusted on the exterior with miniature reliefs of gods and goddesses alternating with triglyphs. The entablature supporting pediments of marzipan fondant-covered cake on each end, the west pediment deteriorating along the top edges while the east pediment is missing its entire center. The pediments encrusted with crumbling white chocolate bricks to the interior. The whole surrounded by a bed of crumbled white chocolate bricks simulating a rocky landscape and fragmented marble. Losses commensurate with nibbling.

Provenance: Commissioned on the occasion of a bacchanal in honor of an important private personage. Measurements: Height: 18″ (45.7 cm); Width: 44″ (111.7 cm); Depth: 27″ (68.6 cm).