The Birds of 60 East Ninety-third

June 20 2014, 1:53pm

Tucked behind the building at 60 East 93rd Street is a small garden, complete with a scallop-form birdbath original to the home and flowerbeds. In the spring, fragrant white lilac bushes spill over onto the patio and vines climb up the painted brick garden walls.  Much to our delight, the garden is a favorite daily stop for a variety of birds, including blue jays, robins, and mourning doves. Located just a few blocks away is Central Park, which lies along an ancient migration path and is one of the countries finest birding spots. Along with its close proximity to the park, our garden is fully stocked with seeds, berries and worms, making it the perfect city retreat for a range of feathered beauties.  We are greeted throughout the day by eager birds looking for a bit more to eat, and we are happy to oblige. Our two most regular visitors at the moment are a mocking bird and robin who sometimes even tap at the window to get our attention! Mockingbird. Photograph © Floyd Austin Below is a selection of the bird species which frequent our garden. With the changing season, we hope some new visitors will join them! Mourning Dove A cardinal couple. Photograph © Floyd Austin English sparrow Red breasted robin Starling. Photograph © Bill Hubick Blue jay