The Party Everyone Is Chirping About

April 22 2014, 12:29pm

A stunning sugar sculpture at the Wild Bird Fund Benefit. Our gallery here at Carlton Hobbs took a turn for the wild on the evening of April 9th, when we hosted the annual benefit party for the Wild Bird Fund. Over two hundred guests wandered throughout the ‘Birdie’ Vanderbilt Mansion and enjoyed different forms of entertainment in each room. The Marble Room, originally the home’s dining room, provided a splendid backdrop for the poignant melodies of the American folk pop duo, the Chapin Sisters. The Chapin Sisters. In the main crossing,  Dzul Dance’s breathtaking performance took inspiration from the graceful forms of wildlife.  With stunning fluidity, the dance combined the fragility and exquisite beauty which characterizes the diverse creatures that the Wild Bird Fund works so tirelessly to protect. Dzul Dance. Not far from the performance, in the Morning Room upstairs, some very special rescued guests could be found. Volunteers gathered with two-week-old baby pigeons, turtles, tortoises, a frog and snake. Also in attendance were Ruby, the red tail hawk and a barred owl, who were both rescued by the Tenafly Nature Center. Two VIBs – very important birds! Next-door in the ‘Bill Blass’ Room, guests were able to bid on an exquisite selection of items, with all proceeds going directly to the Wild Bird Fund. The WBF is deeply grateful to C. Hugh Hildesley of Sotheby’s New York for conducting the charity auction, which was one of the special highlights of the gala. The honoree of the evening was animal advocate and journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell, whose award winning work has brought worldwide attention to animal cruelty and given a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. If you were not able to make it to the benefit gala, here are some more photos! Dzul Dance at Carlton Hobbs. Volunteers taught partygoers about the threats posed to turtles and ways we can help. Guests gathered around the winding staircase to watch Dzul Dance perform below. The ‘Bill Blass’ Room at Carlton Hobbs, where bidding took place on items to benefit the WBF. Donna Dennison with Wild Bird Fund founder Rita McMahon and the evening’s honoree, Jane Valez-Mitchell. To learn more about the wonderful work done by the Wild Bird Fund, please visit their website at