Christmas at 60 East 93rd Street, 1949 and today

December 20 2013, 6:00pm

Our tree at Carlton Hobbs. On a wintery Friday night two days before Christmas in 1949, 60 East Ninety Third Street was bustling with activity.  It was the evening of Miss Cynthia Chrysler Foy’s debutant ball, to be held at her parent’s residence, the Virginia Fair Vanderbilt Mansion. The building was then owned by automobile executive Byron Cecil Foy and his wife, Thelma Irene Chrysler Foy, the daughter of Chrysler Company founder Walter P. Chrysler. Debutante Miss Cynthia Chrysler Foy. Thelma, whose exquisite taste regularly placed her on best-dressed lists, surely assisted in the lovely decor of the party, as well as the choice of her daughter’s elegant dress. “The debutante, who received with her parents, wore a frock of ice blue satin, made with a fitted bodice, with off the shoulder Winterhalter neckline and panniers over a bouffant skirt of blue taffeta,” a New York Times article reads. In keeping with the season, Cynthia’s bouquet was composed of delicate white orchids arranged with a kiss of mistletoe.  Flowering quince and camellia trees filled the ballroom, and lush garland and wreathes hung about the dining room.  In the entrance way, a towering Christmas tree welcomed party goers. The entrance hall at 60 East 93rd Street. Over sixty years later, the rooms of 60 East Ninety Third Street remain fit for a ball. Most recently, Carlton Hobbs hosted the Winter Antiques Show’s inaugural ‘Expert Eye Evening’. Guests at the Winter Antiques Show ‘Expert Eye Evening’ held here at Carlton Hobbs.