Virginia Graham Fair Vanderbilt’s Long Island Estate

August 8 2013, 5:49pm

Our friend Zach L. is a historic preservationist who is dedicated to conserving the elegant architectural history of Long Island’s ‘Gold Coast’.  On his blog “Old Long Island,” he discusses the picturesque, half-timbered Norman-style estate of Virginia Graham Fair Vanderbilt. The estate was built in Brookville, New York when Mrs. Vanderbilt commissioned American architect John Russell Pope to design the residence circa 1911. Another post on “Old Long Island” depicts a different view of the home. She would later commission Mr. Pope to design another building, the mansion at 60 East 93rd Street which is our current head quarters here at Carlton Hobbs! While the 93rd Street mansion has been lovingly restored to its original pristine condition, the Brookville estate has been demolished. The only surviving remnant of the residence is the garden wall, which is still visible today on the estate’s former grounds. Fortunately, a building by Pope in a similar style to Mrs. Vanderbilt’s Brookville estate remains standing.   Built in 1906 for William Kissam Vanderbilt II, Virginia’s former husband, the Norman-style Deepdale Gate Lodge can be visited today in Lake Success, New York.