January 24 2012, 4:57pm

Meet Knewt! This lovable little guy is a 7 year old pit mix. He has had a seriously rough life and is waiting for a forever home that will love him properly. His poor little ears were cropped with scissors!! And was most likely used as a bait dog (literally throwing him in the ring so aggressive fighting dogs could get a taste of blood)! Even with such a terrible past he is soooooo worthy of second chance in life. He is very eager to please and is learning new commands. He also gets along great with dogs, cats and kids! Just don’t go around being too loud around him, or he’ll get startled and frightened (awe poor wittle boy!). Pits are amazing dogs, so if there are any hesitations due to their false “reputation” you must reconsider! THEY ARE THE SWEETEST! Just look at Knewt, I want to grab and squeeze him because he is killing me with his cuteness!

If you have any further questions please contact Page (who rescued this cutie along with many others!). We at Carlton Hobbs really want to see these amazing dogs (lovers not fighters!) get homes! Page does so much for these dogs, so even if you can’t take in a dog, donations to her rescue are great way to help too! Email her at